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Street Art tour through Zurich

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The urban art scene has long since arrived in Zurich and has met with lively interest among young and old alike. Zurich is considered the hotspot for street art in Switzerland alongside Basel. One of the most active and best-known street art artist groups is the duo One Truth, who have already made a name for themselves internationally. But other international artists have also left their mark on Zurich’s façades.

Find out here which street art works of art Zurich has to offer and how you can follow in the footsteps of great and unknown artists.

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Exploring the streets of Zurich with all its urban art scene subjects is still something you have to do on your own, because official providers of street art tours are currently only available in Basel. If you still want to get closer to artists and the scene, you can visit exhibitions on street art or take part in workshops in Switzerland.

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Explore Zurich’s street art scene for yourself

If you don’t want to walk through the streets of Zurich without a fixed starting point, we have put together a small tour for you that you can do without public transport. The tour starts in the heart of Zurich, not far from the main train station. The starting point is Gotthelferstrasse 53, a 13-minute walk from the main station. The artist duo One Truth have immortalised themselves on this house wall with a gigantic work of art. Street art by the duo, consisting of Dr. Drax and Pase, is more common in Zurich, especially in the form of graffiti on house fronts.

Work of art by the artists One Truth: Abstract colourful figure on a house front in Zurich

Street Art by the artist duo One Truth at Gotthelferstrasse 53, Zurich

The path then continues into Sihlhallenstrasse. After a few metres you will see a red brick house which contains the Hotel Rothaus. You can easily spot her on the façade: The lady in the “Little Black Dress”. This work of art originates from the Design Studio Intégral Ruedi Baur. The simple figures represent the working population and can be found throughout Zurich.

Woman in black mini dress on a red brick wall, glued by Design Studio Intégral Ruedi Baur

Street Art from the design studio Intégral Ruedi Baur in Sihlhallenstrasse

The next hotspot lies in Zollstrasse. With the title “Machine Life”, abstract beings merge with machine elements to form a black-and-white work of art by the artists One Truth. It’s worth taking a closer look at this picture, because only then can you explore the many details.

Detailed black and white graffiti with machine elements

Street Art by the artist duo One Truth

Right next to it you will find this graffiti of an unknown artist:

The face of a woman behind a red poppy in Zurich Zollstrasse

Street Art in the Zurich Zollstrasse

If you turn around right away, you will discover a work of art by the international artist Tika in the adjacent Neugasse. There, a cyclist adorns the roller shutters of the Velocitta shop. Despite her art studies in Zurich, Tika is not yet too well known in Switzerland. In her mostly geometric works, she brings in things that concern her: Pollution of the environment and consumer behaviour.

Abstract cyclist on roller shutter by Tika

Street Art: cyclist by the artist Tika

From here we go into Rötelstrasse to the probably most photographed Street Art painting of the artist group One Truth. The work stretches over several houses and was designed in the same style as the one in Gotthelferstrasse.

Large, abstract figures on the houses of Zurich's Rötelstrasse by One Truth

Street Art by the artist duo One Truth in the Rötelstrasse

Besides all the large and small, clearly visible and hidden works of art, there is one thing that is constantly striking in Zurich: The Rübli (Carrot). If you look for it, you will discover it almost everywhere. But what is it all about? No artist has ever claimed responsibility for this special carrot. What is certain is that the Incognito-Rübli has become a trend even without being spoken for by a known artist and decorates numerous house walls.

Orange Rübli as graffiti on a Zurich house wall by an unknown artist

Rübli by an unknown artist on a Zurich house wall

As of June 2016: Since street art is a dynamic and fast-paced art, it can happen that some of the artworks mentioned here have been replaced or brushed over with new ones.