Black and white collage baby belly shooting

A different kind of baby belly shooting

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The classic baby belly shooting is a special highlight in pregnancy. But unfortunately this has a disadvantage, because it is only a snapshot. In order to record the progress of the pregnancy, a collage from different phases of the pregnancy is ideal. We will give you tips on how such a baby belly collage works and what you should consider.

A collage should contain at least four images. The more pictures you take, the shorter the distance between them. Since no external changes are visible at the beginning of pregnancy, it is worth taking the first picture around the 8th week of pregnancy. With a rhythm of four weeks, you get a collage with nine pictures and a very detailed documentation of the growth. Of course, you can also create a unique baby belly collage from fewer or even more images. A photo of the brand-new mum with her baby in her arms is a beautiful conclusion to the photo series.

Design of the baby belly collage

The design of the photo series of the growing baby belly can be quite individual. Nevertheless, a few things should be considered in order to be able to create a harmonious collage in the end. It is best to take pictures that always show the same perspective and the same background, while the expectant mother always wears the same outfit. This way, the baby belly is the focus of the photos and its development is particularly clearly expressed. Ideally, the picture detail and lighting conditions should also remain as constant as possible. Since not everyone can leave a tripod and camera standing in the same place for weeks, you can use small markings on the floor to mark the location of the tripod and then easily remove it. Use the pictures you have already taken as a guide to find the same section of the picture.

Babybauch Collage von Junger Frau

When choosing your outfit, you should make sure that it grows with you until the end of your pregnancy. A stretchy dress or t-shirt that emphasises the growing baby belly or a bandeau with a long skirt that does not cover the belly are particularly suitable. Light colours are the best choice here.

In order to be able to see later, in which stage of the pregnancy the picture was created, you should mark the pictures with the corresponding pregnancy week. You can use small self-made boards or insert the data with the help of an image processing program.

Baby belly pictures as selfies or with a tripod?

In order to capture the progress of the baby belly one does not necessarily need a camera with high resolution and a suitable tripod. If you don’t have such equipment, you can use your smartphone camera to record the growth of your baby belly in front of a mirror. If you take a selfie in front of the mirror, you should avoid the flash and use natural light sources. It is important that you pay attention to the constant image detail, perspective etc. in order to achieve an appealing collage.

Creative baby belly pictures

There are no limits to your creativity, depending on the motif and detail. If the image section is large enough, you can use the surroundings of the room accordingly and add accessories for a particular phase of pregnancy. You can gradually set up the nursery, find out the sex of the child, buy the first clothes, and show your appetite for food. Or compare the size of the fetus with the corresponding fruits (8th week grape, 12th week plum, 16th week avocado, 20th mango, 30th week pineapple, 39th week watermelon).

Kreative Babybauch Collage mit Vater und Mutter

You can also show humour and design the collage as a small scenic representation. Let your partner act as a magician or pump up your stomach with an air pump. Be creative, use costumes, and create your own individual baby belly collage. Of course, the following still applies: less is more. After all, the focus should always be on the baby belly and not be lost in a scene that is too colourful.

A small storyboard could be:

Picture 1: Woman with magician (partner)

Picture 2: Magic cape in front of the woman’s belly

Picture 3: Woman surprised – pregnant

Picture 4: Woman angry

Picture 5: Magic cape in front of woman

Picture 6: Woman with a baby in her stomach, Voilà!


With a baby belly collage you don’t have to commit yourself to a theme or point in time of your pregnancy. Several pictures create a series of images that record the growth of the baby belly. Designing a baby belly collage takes a little more time, but it’s worth the effort. Particularly creative and funny shots create a very special memory of this time.