Pokémon GO in Hamburg

Tips for Pokémon GO

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The Pokémon Go App is the talk of the town these days. The Augmented Reality game enables the user to catch the cute virtual Pokémon in your real environment.

The game uses GPS data to access the player’s location and projects the Pokémon into the player’s current environment via the smartphone’s camera.

Capture memories with Pokémon GO

If a wild Pokémon has appeared, you have to catch it. Tap the Pokémon to switch to camera mode and catch the creature. Since the app already has access to your smartphone’s camera, you can take pictures of your Pokémon adventures. Simply press the camera button on the screen and take a snapshot.

But a photo of a Pokémon sitting on the asphalt or grass is not really exciting.

We have taken the trend as an opportunity to explore Hamburg with Pokémon GO and to take great photos.

Dratini in front of the Michel in Hamburg

The famous main church Sankt Michaelis is affectionately called “Michel” in Hamburg and is a landmark of the metropolis. Address: Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg. Maybe you’ll find a wild Dratini here?

Fortunately, there are also many Pokémon in lively places and so you usually do not have to wait long until one appears in the city. It is important that the Augmented Reality mode is switched on. You can activate this mode directly when you catch the Pokémon by pushing the small “AR” slider.

Now all you have to do is put the Pokémon in the limelight. The little creature has its own place in the real world. When you move the camera, it doesn’t always stay in the centre, but changes its position on your screen. This allows you to place the Pokémon by changing your location or perspective. Especially if you’re trying to photograph the creature in front of a tall building, you might have to squat down or even lie down flat to get the right perspective. If you tilt the phone too far, the Pokémon will disappear from the screen.

Poliwag on a fountain

Water Pokémon like the Quapsel prefer to be close to water. So you have a good chance of catching one at the famous Hygieia Fountain in the courtyard of Hamburg City Hall. Address: Rathausmarkt 1, 20095 Hamburg

Attracting Pokémon – how it’s done

It’s annoying if you really want to take a photo of a certain place or in front of a famous sight, but no Pokémon appears. Before you wait forever – after all, you also want to enjoy the trip through the city – you can also attract Pokémon.

There are two possibilities: Lure modules and so-called smoke.

Players activate Pokémon lure modules at a fixed location. There they are active for 30 minutes from the moment they are switched on and attract the small creatures in heaps. The nice thing is that the modules are accessible to all players at this location. If you don’t have a lure module at hand, you can use existing modules from other Pokémasters. A little tip: these are often found in front of schools and universities during the lunch break.

Unlike the lure module, smoke attracts Pokémon only to the player in question. It has the advantage that it accompanies the player for half an hour. This makes it ideal for a tour of a city to take Pokémon souvenir photos.

If you want to explore a new city with Pokémon, you can easily find a route from Pokéstop to Pokéstop. Close to the centre there are many of these stops and thus the player is guided through the city on a route unknown to them and also gets Pokéballs and other valuable items as a gift.

Among other things, the Pokéstops supply you with Pokémon eggs. These eggs can be incubated with the help of an incubator by walking a fixed number of kilometres. The more kilometres it takes to hatch the eggs, the rarer the Pokémon that hatch from the eggs are. You can hatch quite a few eggs during an extensive discovery walk through Hamburg!

Small tip for hatching Poké eggs: You can also hatch them while driving a bus. The bus travels slowly enough due to the many stops. But you can’t trick the app by car.

Horsea in the Hamburg Speicherstadt

The Hamburg Speicherstadt is photographed a thousand times a day. But who has a souvenir photo with a freshly caught Pokémon? The water Pokémon Horsea feels very comfortable here, by the way.

Pokémon Safety Notice

During the cheerful hunt for the little creatures you must stay aware of your surroundings. The danger of accidents is too high when crossing a street or a busy square.

So instead of constantly looking at your smartphone, you should rather activate the vibration mode. This can be activated in the settings (small gear in the upper right corner). Whenever a wild Pokémon is nearby, the mobile phone vibrates and alerts the player.

True to the Pokémon motto “Catch ’em all”, you can start your hunt for the creatures and take funny Pokémon souvenir photos.

Zubat on the Hamburg fish market

The wild Zubat got lost on the famous Hamburg fish market early in the morning.