Taking a selfie of your own feet - a photo trend in 2015

A Look Back at the Top 5 Photo Trends of 2015

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Which photo trends were most prevalent on social media platforms, really made an impression on us, and made us smile? Take a journey with us and learn more about what kinds of snapshots were most popular in 2015.

Photo trend: all kinds of selfies

Taking a selfie of your own feet - a photo trend in 2015

Everyone’s taken a selfie before and in 2015 the trend was especially popular. It’s to no one’s surprise, then, that the selfie trend began to take many new shapes and forms over the course of the year. While the main point of a selfie is usually to take a photo of oneself in front of beautiful scenery, feet became the main focus of selfies in 2015. Countless photos of bare feet can be found with the hashtag #Footsie on Instagram and other social networking websites. This was surely not a trend for everyone. Even the popular duck face trend abdicated in 2015 and made room for the fish gape selfie. To make a fish gape selfie, you no longer make pouty lips. Instead, you slightly open your lips like a fish and look directly into the camera. An indispensible tool for taking selfies which became much more popular in 2015 was the selfie stick. Thanks to its utilisation, another trend has also been established, namely the group selfie #Usie. Since the shooting angle is larger when using a selfie stick, it’s possible to take a selfie of a lot more than just 2 or 3 people.

Photo trend: animals photographing themselves

A dog takes a selfie of himself

Ever since the dawn of the Internet age, funny animal photos have become more and more of a popular trend online. 2015 saw another creative idea come about to showcase one’s pet in the limelight. The simple yet funny idea was to take a photo of your pet as if it was taking a selfie of itself. To do this, people simply took the paw of the animal, pulled it towards the camera, and snapped the shot at the right moment to make their own pet selfie. This trend wasn’t just popular to do with house pets in 2015; many people used drones or other methods to take snapshots of wild animals looking curiously into the lens.

Photo trend: fountain of youth

Even elderly people have adapted to the trend of taking selfies

“Forever Young” isn’t only a popular song by Bob Dylan from the 70’s, but also a mantra of those who may be old in years, but young at heart. The desire to remain forever young can be seen in many photos taken in 2015. The goal here was to show the world that you don’t have to act as old as your driver’s licence says you are. This led to many older people doing things like taking a ride on a skateboard, dressing in trendy clothes, or even taking a selfie to send to the grandkids.

Photo trend: nostalgia

The nostalgic photo trend: many people dug their Polaroid cameras out of the closet to snap photos in 2015

The trend of using tried and tested methods to do something, even when something new and better is available, is nothing new. This was especially true in 2015 with a larger demand of instant photos and Lomography cameras than in previous years. During the introduction of digital photography, sales figures of Polaroid cameras began to decline, however, the numbers have begun to rise again in recent years. New models and a better image quality are two arguments for using older photo technology. The train of thought here is not to take hundreds of photos from the same perspective, but to take one purposeful snapshot and to be able to instantly hold the end result in the palm of your hand. Even when editing photos, many people have gone back to the roots of photography and use black and white or sepia filters.

Photo trend: moving pictures

Taking a video sequence with the Instagram app

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook show us how it’s done. Short video clips and other animated GIFs took over social networks in 2015 and thanks to Snapchat, Vine, and other apps, using such mediums is only becoming more popular. One of these apps was on everyone’s lips in 2015: Snapchat. This app allows the user to record 10-second videos to provide a short glimpse into their day. Since these videos are automatically deleted after 24 hours, all kinds of strange things can be seen. On platforms like Vine, humour stands in the foreground. The goal of these elaborate 6-second clips is to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. To do this, a real Vine pro will first create a storyboard to perfectly plan every millisecond of the clip. Instagram, on the other hand, is very often used by the beauty industry to share things like a 30-second clip showing viewers some make-up tips. After the time-lapsed video, you can learn things like how to give yourself a smokey eyes look.