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PlayStore: Beauty apps for smart image editing

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Brilliantly white teeth, an even complexion or making yourself a few centimetres taller? Until a few years ago, we needed a lot of Photoshop knowledge, but today so-called beauty apps do the work for us. And all this with a few clicks and finger movements directly on the smartphone.

We introduce you to 3 beauty retouching apps from the PlayStore, with which you can put your next selfie in the right light in the twinkling of an eye.

Facetune: Radiant teeth and eyes in an instant

The Beauty App Facetune offers the user numerous retouching tools to get the best out of a portrait. In particular, the brightening, detailing and smoothing functions let eyes, mouth and skin shine. That’s why the app is especially popular with Instagram users. Not only dark areas around the eyes can be brightened with a simple wipe, but also backgrounds. An image that is too dark can thus be quickly optimized. The background can also be blurred, giving the image more dynamics.

Functional overview in the facetune App

Excerpt of the functional overview in the facetune App

With the help of the “Details” function, the eyes and mouth in particular can be perfectly staged. And thanks to the smoothing function, the complexion on the face becomes almost flawless. To do this, select the desired tool and wipe the respective area with your finger. The more frequently you wipe, the more intense the effect becomes. In order not to overdo the retouching, you can click on the blue symbol in the lower right corner to see how the editing process has developed. If you hold down the symbol, the original image appears. In addition, the effects of all retouching tools build up in their intensity with each wipe. A strongly alienated image is therefore hardly possible. A small selection of different filters and retro effects rounds off the image editing app.

A free version of Facetune is available in the Google Play Store: Android Version

Beauty retouching with Facetune - Edit selfies

left: Image without editing, right: Editing the image with the following Facetune tools: Filter “Lighter”; Eyes lightened; Eyes, mouth and single hair strands highlighted with “Details” function, facial skin smoothed.

YouCamPerfect: The classic among the beauty apps

The beauty app YouCamPerfect is a classic among the retouching apps and certainly offers the widest range of functions to optimise a selfie. The app has both classic image processing functions, such as adjusting contrasts, and a variety of beauty tools. In addition to an automatic beautification function, this also includes skin smoothing functions, nose and face shape correction and an eye enlargement tool. But also the bigger and narrower cheating of your own body is no problem for the app.

Functions in the YouCamPerfect App

Excerpt of the feature overview in the YouCamPerfect App

The app can also be used to correct unsightly eye shadows, skin blemishes and the colour of the teeth. Especially interesting for this app is the smile function. This tool makes every grim facial expression smile. Unlike the Facetune app, the app automatically analyses the image. The disadvantage: The user can only adjust the intensity of the effect with almost all beauty tools. However, the user cannot determine which areas are to be processed.

Thanks to the extensive and very well-functioning tools, there is a danger that the face will be distorted too much. A look at the original comparison picture is therefore advisable. The same applies to the careful adjustment of the respective tool controller.

YouCamPerfect is available in a free version at the Google Play Store: Android Version

Beauty Retouch with YouCamPerfect - Edit Selfies

left: Image without editing, right: Highly edited image with the following YouCamPerfect functions: Skin smoothed, narrower face shape, skin color changed, nose beautified, bags removed, eyes enlarged, skin blemishes removed, rouge applied, smile intensified and eyes brightened.

Airbrush: A new look at the click of a finger

Similar to the Facetune and the YouCamPerfect App, the Airbrush App offers a variety of beauty retouching tools and standard image editing functions. While these functions of the Airbrush App are only mediocre, this Beauty App scores especially with the automatic Make-up Tool. With just one click, a new make-up look can be applied to the image and its intensity adjusted. The superimposition of the looks is also no problem. If, for example, you have always wanted to have freckles or test how Smokey Eyes look on you, then this app is recommended. For the best result, it is advisable if the make-up of the original image is rather neutral. This will enhance the individual make-up looks offered by the beauty app.

Functions in the Airbrush App

Excerpt of the functional overview in the Airbrush App

Beauty Retouch with Airbrush - Edit selfies

left: Image without editing, right: edited image with the make-up tool of the Airbrush app


With all the possibilities that these beauty apps offer, you should never overdo it with the editing. If you are looking for an app for a natural optimisation of your own selfies, the Facetune app is the right choice. Here, all editing options can be applied in small steps. If, on the other hand, you want to play around with your own picture and see what is possible, then the YouCamPerfekt Beauty app is the right thing for you. With the airbrush app you can try out a new make-up look quickly and easily with just one click.

Have fun trying it out!