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Play Store: Face modification apps for Android smartphones

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The Google Play Store offers a wide range of image editing apps to suit every taste. These apps are often used to optimise physical features and can make small blemishes disappear in no time at all.

However, some apps take a different direction and primarily serve to entertain their users. Artistic lenses, face-swapping applications or funny stickers and masks: you’ll find all this and more in the Google Play Store.

We present two apps for image editing of your portraits and selfies and show you how to modify your photo in a creative way.

A journey through art history with the “GoART” App

The app “GoART” is available for free in the Google Play Store and features an intuitive user interface. After starting the app, you can either take a photo or select a picture from your gallery. To edit the image, the App provides 36 free filters, which imitate different art directions or effects. From dadaism, to drawing effects, to pop art, there is a wealth of styles to add that certain something to your photo. The filters load a few seconds at a time, but the app has found an elegant way to bridge this gap by fading in quotes from famous artists. In addition to the type, the intensity of the filter can also be determined by simply wiping over the image. From left to right one can control the coarse adjustment and in vertical direction the fineness can be adjusted.

Collage unterschiedlicher Möglichkeiten in der GoART App

In addition, there are 17 paid filters available in the app. The app works with a “Coin” system, where different large “Coin” packages can be purchased or earned by sharing the app on social media, for example. The “coins” can then be exchanged for filters or the removal of the watermark on the images.

The finished artwork can then be either stored locally on the phone, shared directly on various social networks, or shared via direct messaging.

Face modification with FaceApp

If you always wanted to know how you would look with a different hair colour or if a fringe hairstyle would suit you, then FaceApp is just the thing for you. After you have selected a photo from your gallery or taken one directly, you can get started. In addition to different hairstyles, facial expression, age and gender can also be changed with the app. You don’t have to choose a style, all filters can be combined with each other without any problems. In the next step, you also have the option of placing a colour filter over the image or changing the background. In addition to various landscape motifs and studio backgrounds, you are also free to use your own image as background. The finished picture can then be saved in your mobile gallery or shared directly with friends or on different social media.

Darstellung unterschiedlicher Funktionen in der Face App

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store. While in the “Fun” section of the application, all filters are available in a comparison tool, the full version must be purchased for the individual application of many filters. If you want to enjoy this fun at short notice, you can do so for the equivalent of about CHF 4.45 (€ 3.99) per month. For those who no longer want to do without this app, the unlimited full version is available for purchase in the Play Store for the equivalent of around CHF 49.48 (€ 43.99).


The Google Play Store certainly does not lack image editing apps. If you find the mere beautification of your pictures too monotonous, you can create artistic and funny to absurd variations of your own photos with the help of many free applications. The image processing apps usually rely on a user-friendly and simple user interface, so that even inexperienced users can quickly achieve results worth seeing. For all those who are interested or want to use the respective app without advertising, there is usually a paid full version available in the Play Store. The free versions are a handy way to test the apps before you make a purchase decision or just play around.