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File Formats

File formats define the syntax, that is to say the inner structure, of data. Depending on the intended applications, there are various available file formats for photos. While some formats are mostly used for exchanging photos, other formats are optimised for further editing. Thanks to Exif data, additional information can also be added to the […]

Image Stabiliser

Methods to avoid camera shake in photography are known as image stabilisation. Free-hand photography of moving motifs or photographing without flash with little surrounding light usually leads to blurry photos. Image stabilisers help prevent such blurs and compensate for small movements of the photographer’s hands. This plays less of an important role in motion blurring; […]

Image Sensor

The central electronic component of a digital camera or camcorder is the image sensor. Together with the lens and the image processor, the image sensor is a deciding factor of the picture quality of a digital camera. The image sensor takes the place of a film negative of an analogue camera and consists of many […]

Picture Sharpness

In photography, the sharpness distinguishes and showcases the details in your picture. The quality of photos is often measured by their sharpness and achieving a high level of sharpness is one of the most important goals in the technical implementation of photography. There is a difference to keep in mind between the technical picture sharpness […]