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What You Should Keep in Mind When Purchasing a New Lens

Every camera manufacturer offers a wide selection of different lenses and on top of this wide selection there are also many different lenses offered by aftermarket manufacturers. This can make it quite difficult for you to make a well-informed and smart decision when purchasing your lens.

Lost Places Photography – What You Should Keep in Mind

Abandoned places are exciting locations for the urban explorer. Other common terms for urban exploration (also abbreviated as urbex or UE) include infiltration, draining, urban caving, urban spelunking, urban rock climbing, and building hacking.

A Look Back at the Top 5 Photo Trends of 2015

Which photo trends were most prevalent on social media platforms, really made an impression on us, and made us smile? Take a journey with us and learn more about what kinds of snapshots were most popular in 2015.

Digitalise your Old Photos – Tips and Tricks

Photos of holidays, family, and other snapshots are often just lying around in drawers or stuck in yellowing photo albums. It’s worthwhile to dig out these treasured photos and go through them. You can breathe new life into these photographs by digitalising them.