Lens Filters

Filters for analogue and digital photography There’s a very large selection out there of lens filters. Conventional analogue lens filters are screwed onto the front of the lens. These correctional and effect filters are used for a wide variety of purposes. In the day and age of digital photography, some filters can even be digitalised… Read more »

The Golden Ratio

The math behind it The golden ratio is the division ratio of a segment. The ratio correlates the relationship between the whole and larger portion (also called Major) as well as the relationship between the larger portion and smaller portion (Minor). Expressed as a formula: Whole / Major = Major / Minor ≅ 0,618 Thus, the major portion should… Read more »

File Formats

File formats define the syntax, that is to say the inner structure, of data. Depending on the intended applications, there are various available file formats for photos. While some formats are mostly used for exchanging photos, other formats are optimised for further editing. Thanks to Exif data, additional information can also be added to the… Read more »