The Japanese company Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō Goshi-gaisha (Asahi Optical KG) first began manufacturing eyeglass lenses in 1919 and since the 1930’s, camera lenses. Until the end of World War II, the company concentrated on manufacturing optical equipment for military purposes, such as binoculars. After the war, the company also began to manufacture camera lenses for… Read more »


Polaroid is mostly known for its instant cameras and its name is synonymous with cameras of this type. An instant camera snaps a photo and automatically develops the finished product directly after taking the picture. In order to accomplish this, the camera is stocked with a stack of instant film with a light sensitive side… Read more »


Nikon is a Japanese manufacturer of cameras, lenses, and other precision optical instruments. With its headquarters in Tokyo, this company is one of the leaders in camera manufacturing worldwide. Since 1961, Nikon has been represented in the European markets as Nikon AG Switzerland in Zurich. Nikon produces SLR, system, and Coolpix compact cameras as well… Read more »


The Japanese company Canon is currently the largest camera manufacturer in the world. Canon’s product line of cameras includes the well known EOS SLR camera as well as system cameras such as PowerShot and IXUS compact cameras. The company also manufactures EF lenses and Speedlite flash units. EOS stands for Electo-Optical System. The EOS product… Read more »